1) Is a child minder just a baby sitter?

No! childminders have to go through an rigorous vetting process, consisting of a medical check, a DBS (disclosure and baring service) and a full and intensive interview by an Ofsted inspector lasting on average 3 hours that takes place in the setting. After this we are inspected regularly by Ofsted where we are observed and all paperwork will be checked, Ofsted can turn up at any time and complete an inspection therefore everything must be kept at a very high standard, unlike baby sitters, or nanny's that do not need to be registered with Ofsted. We have to follow the same curriculum as a nursery, and we have to prove to Ofsted that the children develop well in our care, and socialise and are fully prepared for school. 

2) What are the advantages over using a childminder rather than a nursery?

Nurseries are open at set times and close at set times, a childminder is much more flexible offering earlier start times, and later end times. Most nursery have lot of children where as childminders only have a few, therefore can build a closer relationship with both the child and parents. Your child will receive a more personal care. Where some nurserys do take children out, most don't have the facilities to do so. Childminders don't have the same logistical problem, therefore are free to go out and about more often.

3) If my child comes to your setting what is your typical day?

We will always follow your routine with regards to eating and sleeping, and we fill the day with lots of fun activities, music, arts and crafts or this could be a day at the aquarium, zoo or local baby clubs. We love the outdoors and therefore spend a lot of time out in the fields/woods that are behind our house or on Dartmoor. Spending time outdoors gives children the freedom to express themselves and to explore and experience the environment.
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